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It started with water therapy….

As someone from a tropical region which is usually hot and dry, its important to keep one’s self hydrated right throughout. 

Very frequently during the day or night we’ve witnessed family and friends suffer from low blood pressure, cramps, dehydration, high blood toxicity, so on and so forth.

The underlying cause for this was poor intake of water. 

To aid intake, our grandparents cut fruits, scraped spices and soaked them with water. This infused the ingredient’s flavours with water. The essence from spices and fruit charged the water, bringing in its light natural and nourishing taste. 

This practice led us to believe in infusing health to your routine and with that the birth of gulp! ® Lifestyle Products. We are now leading sellers of Fruit Infuser Detox Water Bottles in India. We also offer free for all fruit infusion recipes (235 of them) that can add value to you and loved ones’s health too.

We care…

Our goal is to promote and aid healthier lives. In this age of fast paced routines, individuals skip moments to look after themselves. Whether you are a software professional, businessman, teacher, doctor or a student, distractions are aplenty and not a moment is spent to hydrate or detoxify oneself.

With our water bottles we’ve crafted a unique personalized experience to help you detox, nourish and stay hydrated. 

With tailored recipes pertaining to all categories of our customers, we aim to help you live a healthier, lighter and toxic free life.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

With our suite of products, rest assured we will ensure to keep improving your experiences with us by gathering your feedback and inputs and will work till we have seen you smile.

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